Saloni & Sahil - Sibling Session

As you might know, i absolutely LOVE taking pictures of babies and children. All their emotions and expressions are just so much fun to capture !

If i didn't know otherwise, I really would have thought these two had some prior modeling gigs with the way they did literally everything I told them and then some more. It was just a dream. We got a 2 hour session done in just 1 !

Bipin + Binita <3

I have always waited for the day that I would be able to document someone's wedding, and therefore, Bipin and Binita's wedding will always hold a soft spot in my heart.

Their wedding was a 3 day event. It started with a henna ceremony the first day. The second day was a traditional Nepalese wedding that took place at the Hindu Temple, and the third day was the reception.


Mehndhi/Henna Ceremony

Nepalese Wedding Ceremony


Pari - The little angel


Pari means angel, and she is no short of being one with that radiant smile of hers! Photographing her was a piece of cake. She LOVED being in front of the camera and evidently, my camera loved HER too !!

Happy girls are the prettiest ! :)


Romantic Beach E-Session

Amanda + Chris E-session

Ever since I started doing photgraphy, I have been looking at the world differently. I am more aware of my surroundings. I try to find beauty in every place, which could potentially be a backdrop for my pictures.

Once in a while, I also get introduced to these little gems by my clients. This beach was one of them. I couldn't believe I lived in Michigan for so long without knowing about it. For a brief second, I felt like I was in a different state.  It was an amazing experience to feel the cool breeze against my skin and listen to the waves as they hit the shoreline, while admiring the love these two had for each other.

Why I love lifestyle photography ...

Let's face it, life is moving fast. We are constantly on the go. Who has time for the little details ?!

Well, I DO !

I am literally ALL about little details. And if there is anything I love more than capturing details, it is capturing EMOTIONS in the most candid moments.

Here are some pictures I took at Anjli and Jeremy's baby shower. I gotta say, these two were so awesome to work with, and they were literally down for anything I told them. I LOVE when my clients are as excited about getting their photos taken as I am about taking them!