Q: What equipment do you use?
A: I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III and IV.

Canon L 50mm 1.2f,
Canon L 24-70mm 2.8f
Canon L 70-200mm 2.8f
Canon L 100 MM 2.8 F

Q: Do you shoot with film or digital?
A: I am 100% digital because I lack patience when it comes to seeing pictures, so I couldn’t imagine having to wait for them.

Q: What other things can/should I bring to the session?
A: Feel free to bring your own props, because they make the sessions SO much more fun! You can bring your child’s favorite toys, blankets, books, flowers, musical instruments, sports gear, and hats, to personalize your portrait. I can also help you brainstorm some ideas for themes if you’d like. Some of my favorites are vintage and rustic. Whatever you choose, we will make your session unique to you and your family. 

Q: When will I get to see my pictures?
A: My turnaround is pretty quick! For portraits sessions, I generally get your images up for you to see in 2 weeks. For weddings, no more than 3 months.

Q: Do you have a studio? 
A: I do not. 75% of my work is done outdoors (weddings, portraits etc). But I will do boudoir, baby at home, weddings and receptions indoor, but other than that, natural light is best!

Q: Do you choose the location of our session for us?
A: Yes And No! If you have an idea of where you want to shoot, GREAT, but if not, then look up some places or ask friends if they know of any good spots. I love to mix it up and shoot at new locations. I do have a handful of places I frequent if you’re not sure, which we can talk during our consultation.

Q. What do you photograph?
A. Anything and Everything (except newborns). I shoot maternity, children, families, seniors, portraits, engagements, weddings, all kinds of events, pets and also do commercial work, such as food and etc. Seriously, the sky is the limit!

Q: What’s your style like?
A: I love to capture candid photos that are soft and romantic. Of course, if your style is more bold or edgy, I can do that too, but in my own way!

Q: Are your wedding packages adjustable?
A: Yes! Do we have to do an engagement session? It’s included for free in the wedding package so why not! That way, you guys can get comfortable with me and also get an idea of how I will be taking pictures on the wedding day, when we most likely won’t have as much time to get the portraits done in between the wedding and reception.

Q. Can you edit my photos in a certain way? Will you thin out my arms or tweak colors in a certain color scheme?
A. I believe that every photographer is an artist and have their own style, therefore I have my own style too, but I will try to accommodate to you however I can. I want to capture you the way you are, so I do not believe in changing how you look, but if you have a pimple or blemish, consider it gone! I want my vision and the way I view the world to be evident in my work.

Q: Am I able to see or purchase RAW files – I want to edit them myself:
A: Sorry, but I do not give out RAW files. Editing is half of the job and I only show and  sell images that are custom edited!

Q: Do you issue refunds?
A: Due to the nature of photography I do not issue refunds. However, I will do everything I can to accommodate you.